Oakley Sunglasses of Mercury Coated

Lin Yun introduced, mercury-coated lenses are coated with mercury, increasing its function of anti-radiation and anti-ultraviolet , but different coating quality has different effects, if the coating quality is not good,which not only fail to protect your eyes but even will affect your vision. Some Oakley sunglasses look very ordinary in fact that plated piece is expensive, coated in price from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.
General Coating: The above is kind of Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses like mercury film, some shallow, some deeper, you need to look at the degree of shade if the sun is really to be the kind of deep-plated, and this is the same to glass shade of car windows . This shading effect of lens is good, but film is relatively easy to scratch the surface, we need to protect.

The SFM Coating: have several colors :mercury, rainbow, blue and gold mercury , good anti-wear capabilities, but also a clear line of sight than the average plating, shiny.

General Oakley sunglasses will remain be the original color, especially light and gradual color, basically having no effect on sight. But the mercury-coated sunglasses are relatively dim and the transmission rate is light, if the quality is not good ,the perspective rate of mercury film will be significantly decreased, there will be glare, many wearers can see their eyes from the lens.
Now the market is colored with mercury-coated ,which sports glasses generally are used, and the price is more expensive. However, its advantage is that the anti-solar radiation effect is very good, rich colors, and waterproof effect.

This is because it has a dial in the plating time agent that allows the surface of lens very smooth, consumers can use a simple method to identify: drop a drop of water on the lens plus repellent , water droplets will quickly melt away , not staying on the lenses.

But Lin Yun told reporters that even the best Sunglasses of Mercury Coated must be off to the interior , or because of insufficient transmittance light, pupil will be larger, resulting in visual fatigue.

Be sure to wear comfortable when selecting Oakley sunglasses.How to choose sunglasses?Lin Yun taught us a few small coups. First look at the mirror, a good mirror has no scratches, and it is smooth. Holding glasses positively, watching the reflection of human in mirror , if the shadow is clear ,location is not rotating at different deformation which described the quality of clearance, the situation of fun-house mirror was described mirror uneven.

As for fog function, can look at the mirror outer and inner layers Kazakh gas, if there is dew condensation on the lenses, then it is not ok. Next,it is by flexibility, both ends of the two-hand ski goggles, and some external force is applied in each direction, there is no distortion or observed cracks, remove the external force is not able to quickly restore the status quo.
If you feel glasses attached around the eyes when wearing Oakley glasses, it will be ok if it is of comfort. Some European and American brands mainly for Western consumers, it is recommended to select sunglasses produced by Chinese and Asian countries .Try to wear for a longer time, if you feel uncomfortable, it means that something is definitely not suitable.

Maintenance: mercury coated sunglasses and ordinary Oakley sunglasses are almost the same.observing glasses before or after use, if dust attaches on glasses ,gently wipe with silk or cloth ; If you want to use water-based detergent, Be sure to choose neutral, but do avoid the process of cleaning the glasses get soaked in water or flush, so not only did the slow and easy from dust or water evaporates leaving behind traces of impurities.

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The Influx of People Love “Mercury Coated Oakley Sunglasses”

The conference of hot movie “the love story of Beijing” show shortly before, on which actors ,Liu Jialing wear a pair of Oakley sunglasses of reflective mirror color to grab the limelight.
Yes, this is the most fashionable “Mercury coated sunglasses”of 2014 . Reflecting dazzling colors in the sunshine,whether it’s star of music festival scene , socialite or street-type people, all sorts of stuff pull the wind, high-profile full with it .

Warm colors of full heat, cool colors for each full of cool people love,do you know the secret behind this fashion trend products ?

Experts advise: Be sure to take off into the interior.

Oakley sunglasses are vision products for human eye to prevent damage caused by sunlight intense stimulation, and now it has become the influx poser of men and women over the streets or the artifact to reflect the personal style .

Lin Yun,Philippine Leader of Fox sunglasses supermarket in Hangzhou,told reporters, the use of sunglasses can be divided into three types:sun mirror, light-colored sunglasses, and sunglasses of special purpose .
The so-called sun mirror suggests that it is for shading purposes, people often rely on the regulation of pupil size to adjust the flux in the sun .When the intensity of light pass more than the regulation ability of the human eye, it will cause harm to the human eye. So in outdoor activities, especially in the summer, many people use visor mirror to block the sun to reduce eye fatigue or adjust the damage caused by the light stimulation .

The blocking effect of sunlight of light-colored sunglasses is better than the sun mirror , but because it is colorful and suitable for all types of clothing match, which has a strong decorative effect. Favored by the young family, female fashion is fallen in love with them.

Sunglasses of special purpose has a strong function to block the sunlight, commonly used in beach, skiing, hiking and other outdoor of more intense sunlight, of which have higher requirements for UV resistance and other indicators.

According to reports,actually mercury coated sunglasses is a lot earlier than normal Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses, was first used by welders , slowly evolved into Oakley sunglasses of a special-purpose functionality, and finally developed into the stars’ favourite fashion tide products.

Lin Yun reminds that different groups select the Oakley sunglasses according to different preferences and different uses, but what the most fundamental thing is to protect the wearer’s safety and vision is not damaged. Reducing light stimulation, visual clarity without distortion, anti-UV, no distortion of color recognition, accurate traffic signal recognition, which should be basic function of Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses.

If you can not reach these effects, ranging from not achieving the role of sunglasses or producing dizziness, eye soreness and other consciously adapt symptoms , and sometimes having symptoms of slow to react, color vision and walking visual illusion inequality . So choosing sunglasses can not just focus on style and ignore its intrinsic quality.

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Interesting :Monkey in London Zoo Like to Grab Tourists’Oakley Sunglasses

Monkey quickly snatched Oakley glasses away , which was too agile to catch.
There is interactive area for “close contact” of visitors and a small animal , backyard in London Zoo , where the 18 Bolivian squirrel monkey , very naughty. This squirrel monkeys live in the rainforest originally , eating insects, fruits and seeds for a living, who are scarce .

Due to the recent increase in warmer weather , with guests wearing Oakley sunglasses to zoo increasing , these 18 squirrel monkeys had a keen interest on sunglasses .

“Just to be attracted by the reflect light of lens sunglasses, they will grab the glasses, then quickly fled .” Kate Sanders ,keeper of 28 -year-old said , “They grew up here , and they are not afraid of people , and little monkey are too agile for people to catch them . ”

Sanders said that so far they have been robbed at least seven sunglasses, ” though they won’t deliberately break these” trophies” , but we can not always find the stolen glasses . ”

she said , there are five little monkeys ” principal “of many ” robbery “and because these little monkeys ” have particularly strong curiosity . ” Once the monkeys’” robbery ” succeeded, the other monkeys will be attracted to scramble, these naughty little guy play while ” retreat ” blink of an eye will disappear in the woods.
“Gangster monkey “had a criminal record to grab the camera for more self- playing.

Oakley Sunglasses are not the only thing attracting little monkey . There are many small monkey park ” robbery convictions “, ” crimes ” will occur several times every week. Once, a monkey snatched the tourists digital camera, and also inadvertently press the shutter , played back to ” self .”

“Then we get back the camera , in which we found a small monkey’s photographs happened to taken by themselves , unfortunately, we did not back up photos at that time.” Sanders said, “We will find a way to recover those looted goods for visitors . ”

Has been working at the zoo more than four years, Sanders exclaimed :” I often take no way on these mischievous ghosts ” .Zoo governance robbery let” gangster monkey ” eat bitter .

Due to the upward trend in sunglasses theft . London Zoo decided to give special training on these ” bandits monkey ” , so that they ” eat bitter” , get rid of bad habits of robbery . ”

They ( monkeys ) do not like the bitter taste .” Sanders said, “so we spray liquid with a bitter taste on Oakley sunglasses and a digital camera and other items , and then let the other keepers came through monkeys ,monkey often likes to put holding in his mouth after grab something , and we hope that this method allows them to link glasses, camera with bitterness , thus losing interest in these things . ”

However, Sanders also said that this approach can not guarantee one hundred percent worked. “What the problem is that they are too smart .” She said, ” they can quickly remember the face , for example , they recognize me from 100 meters away , so we had to replace the breeder to train them every day .However, we are confident that this approach can work . “

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Unknown : the Terrible Secret Behind the Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses

The summer is approaching , sunglasses become the choice of many fashionable people , however, results of the Ningbo Industrial and Commercial Bureau prior to the first sampling allows Congress to surprise : sampling of the 16 batches of sunglasses , nearly 2 percent of sunglasses have quality problems , and these sunglasses are well-known brands.
The signs of sunglasses are not standardized, which is easy to cause problems for consumers to correctly buy and use. According to our standards , it must be marked on the Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses: executed standard number, category , frame size and so on. These Gucci , CK Kevin ? Klein , Christian Dior, Swatch are just imported products, their manufacturers do not understand our country and perhaps also is reasonable standard . However, when they successfully landed the domestic market, customs , domestic agents , market supervision and other aspects, what should they look for an excuse to cover up their disregard for the standards ?

The sunglasses prism are high, which probably is mainly due to the manufacturer ‘s excessive pursuit of fashionable sunglasses, caused by the curvature of the lens . It is understood that the prism is the deviation of light through the lens generated after a certain point , prism glasses too high will make the wearer feel visual distortion , discomfort, eye fatigue . Foreign goods are in the pursuit of fashionable models , are domestic goods not so?

What the most professional sunglasses are military Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses , especially with the kind of Air Force pilots , the lenses are made of composite materials in space , is the most professional sunglasses . After a lot of word of mouth reviews , AO sunglasses is the best word of mouth ,which is currently used by the U.S. Air Force active duty equipment,which is also sought after and trusted by people.
AO sunglasses were introduced into the Air Force in the 1930s, and since then , it becomes the standard equipment of U.S. Army , it was widely welcomed by the United States military bases in foreign countries , and other countries have begun to use the U.S. military Optics sunglasses.

40 years later, it is still the first choice for the U.S. military ,for the original aviator Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses maximum protection for its performance and comfort to the eyes of . U.S. pilot. In addition the U.S. Air Force are using them, but also active duty Air Force Materiel in many other countries ! And thus became one of the many military fans and outdoor enthusiasts’necessary equipment.

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Myopia Oakley Sunglasses be Gorgeous Transfiguration this Summer

Do you want to catch up with fashion? You may wish to change for glasses of the Deputy blue, emerald

Myopia sunglasses be gorgeous transfiguration this summer

Spring in Hangzhou is particularly short , vibrant sun glare on the shake this May . Amateur hotties out poser have to wear Oakley sunglasses while It is ultimately the equipment for driving family.

What should be paid attention to when buy sunglasses?How many pairs be prepared for suitable ? For what exactly do people wear sunglasses ? They know it taboo to wear Oakley sunglasses ? Recently, the reporter did a survey on the micro- purchase sunglasses . Survey shows that nearly 90 % of people will wear sunglasses only when go outdoors or drive car , 50% of people buy 300-500 yuan ‘s mid-priced sunglasses, 71.4% of people buy sunglasses for shade , while 21.5 percent of people purely are in order to match clothes .

It is popular for sunglasses of light, thin , transparent this summer.
Ningning is a hot mom of 80s ,just mid-April , she began to prepare the travel equipment for May Day holiday , sunglasses is unavoidable naturally. ” You see, this is what I bought online .” Ningning shows to reporters her sunglasses bought from Taobao. “Although the quality is not so good,the shape and the color is my favorite , absolute photos weapon .” Ningning spent less than 200 yuan on this pair of glasses, which is the general framework of the plate , a little bit heavy.
” I basically bought one to two , different shapes and colors every year ,which can be used to match with clothes .” Ningning told reporters . According to the survey , 50% of people will prepare two sunglasses in general , 42.9% of people are prepared one , and 7.1 percent said they would prepare two or more.

As temperatures rise , sunglasses became an essential item for fashion people to go outside. However, unlike previous years , this year ‘s sunglasses play flagship thin and transparent card. If your sunglasses in home are black , gray or brown, then you OUT.

“This year’s sunglasses primarily based with blue or emerald.” Lin Yun responsible for Philip Fox eyewear told reporters , “In fact, since last year, a variety of colored Oakley sunglasses had been hot, like purple, pink , bright yellow of which are favorite colors to young people ;while this year, a great feature is the transparent sunglasses , after wearing you will have a feeling of gauze , looks particularly clean and fresh . ”

In addition to thin and transparent , biggest selling point of sunglasses of 2013 is tungsten titanium material . Lin Yun told reporters,a tungsten and titanium frame has steel hardness and water flexibility , the average weight of each frame is about 8 grams , only a third of the ordinary frames . “In the past glass bracket does not fit the facial skin to slide down or deformed because of the heavy weight of the frame, tungsten titanium frame material excellent flexibility , with such Oakley sunglasses to outdoor tourism or sport , which is the most appropriate .”

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How to Distinguish the Merits and Demerits of Oakley Sunglasses ?

Features of high-quality Oakley sunglasses:
Sunglasses of good quality, the ability of UV-blocking is strong, but the transmittance is not decreased so much, not affecting the clarity of the object lens.And the lens coating has a certain hardness , surface easy to wear.
Features of inferior sunglasses:
Sunglasses of low-quality are on the contrary, a serious decline in the lens transparency. Wearing these sunglasses, our eyes are as if seen in the dark matter , then the pupil becomes large, and it will be a lot of residual ultraviolet injection into the eye, damaging the eye .

Firstly , we must check the quality of the lens .
Oakley Sunglasses can be placed away from the eyes of 40 to 45 cm ,observing objects through the lens , if you find the cases of distort or oscillating linear , indicating that the lens has a deformation , it is not appropriate to buy ; you can also put lenses be up against the lamp, and gently rotate , sometimes it turns out to be discomfort , do not buy ,too.
Secondly , focus on the colors of the lens.
Gray, green, brown are the best appropriate colors .Dark brown , black , followed by blue and purple are the worst. Colors should not be too shallow, or they can not resist glare .

Thirdly, we must pay attention the identify and label.
A good pair of sunglasses should be marked with “uv a 400 .” And indicate the production of the brand , size, site , etc.

Glasses of different colors have different appropriate crowds:
1.Yellow is the most sensitive color to our cells , which can improve the sensitivity of vision , amblyopia poor eyesight may be preferred ;
2. There are blindness or weak of red-green color, who can use red lenses that increases the contrast of red and green ;
3 .Green has the role of vision of regulation , more appropriate for students ;
4 .Light gray can reduce eye fatigue , apply for people who often use eyes;
5.Blue or violet light has a role of damage the retina, it will reduce the field of vision ,patients of retinal hemorrhage or macular degeneration should not choose .

Tips: It is suggested that us choose Oakley sunglasses to go to regular stores to buy , check the quality and colors of the lens , moreover pay attention to signs and labels .Oakley Sunglasses of low-quality will not only fail to protect our eyes,but also hurt our eyes .Be cautious to purchase glasses.

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Play Golf Wearing Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses under the Sun

Wear Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses can prop the “star ” taste which is an indisputable fact .That sunglasses “show ” is already in full swing among the fashion circle and star circle . Nowadays ,with the wind of movement blowing more effort, getting all kinds of sports sunglasses as favorite. But wearing sunglasses are not just for ” being cool “,which are more to block the glare of the sun and to ensure accurate shots.
So, it must be distinguished when you choose a golf glasses : firstly,the basic function is to resist ultraviolet light ; moreover it should provide a clear line of sight and a broad perspective , but also lightweight and kimono posts.Of course , it be better be ” cool” visible ! So to speak , on the golf course , an excellent sunglasses like a “all star .”

After seeing golf star’s habits and choices,realize the field of golf ‘s top brands of Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses , I believe you will make the right choice which can bring you the perfect image of cool and the protect of movement.
Although this photo is quite old , it is the classic styling of Duval ,who is a glasses’killer. In fact, most of Duval’s glasses are to protect the ill eyes , but serendipitously achieving his unique personal charm.
While the star is also the star than Tiger Woods at various occasions and ultimately, all kinds of fashion sunglasses, but very rarely see him wearing sunglasses at the time of important games .

Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses are popular among people who love sports sunglasses brand. It has a nice sleek look and a near-perfect lenses and frames . Lens are manufactured by using PLUTONITE material that can block 100% of harmful UV and blue light on vision . Frames’material is specially light , high flexibility. Three comfortable principle is used, ensuring the frame will come into contact with the back of the nose and temple , Oakley M frame has five different lens shape , lens can be selected according to face shape,but not pressure cheekbones.Designed specifically for the golf lenses have holes to prevent fogging .

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The Top Five Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses

Oakley are highly durable which are perhaps the most famous for their work in designing and manufacturing sports glasses , make people feel so great and fit superbly. Many popular sports stars and athletes consider Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses as their number one choice which helped to raise the company’s profile and make them a necessity have accessory among many people. Oakley makes a good range of frames in many colors and styles and their lenses provide 100% UV protection for the eyes, can be polarized and come in many tints and colors.Moreover, they are also interchangeable between models so in fact our customers can create their own personal pair of glasses according to their own specifications. There are many models and styles for you to pick up optionally,however, the belows are our top 5 Oakley glasses:
1. The M-Frame:
These are one of the iconic ranges of Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses for men and Oakley now offer alternative frame designs alongside the original. The glasses allow the wearer full visibility with no blind spots, which makes them popular with sports people. The nose and ear pads are made from their revolutionary material ‘Unobtainium’ to ensure the wearer has the greatest level of comfort and the glasses stay where they are meant to even if the wearer gets a little sweaty.

2. The Cross Hair:
It is a modern take on a vintage classic from the Active range of Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses. The frames are made of a lightweight alloy and the lenses are the classic ‘tear drop’ shape. The arms of these glasses have a delicacy to them which makes them a fashionable accessory that can be worn on any occasion and not just on the sports field.

3. The Frogskins:
These glasses have been given an overhaul,which are now better than ever before originally marketed in the 1980’s. From Oakley’s Lifestyle range they are available in a variety of frame colors and lenses options. They can also be fitted with prescription lenses that Oakley will set for you to ensure they are of high quality and have all the other benefits of their standard lenses.
4. The Tight Rope:
These Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses possess an oval shaped frame and slim arms with discrete detailing which let them appropriate to wear in any situation. The frame is produced from a high quality light weight alloy and the arms are designed to follow the contour of your head to make sure that they stay in place and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They are from lots of metal shades and can be setted with prescription lenses or any of the other lens options available from Oakley.

5. The Five Squared:
These Oakley sunglasses are wonderful for people who wonder smooth lines or wear glasses to flow around their head. Oakley have made use of a new technology that tapers the glasses to follow the contours of the cranium, which provides the beautiful answer for people who do not like sunglasses which jut out. The hinges are in conformity with the frames and lenses come in a range of options for colors and tints. As all of the design features you see,I think you could expect from Oakley, these glasses are specific and wear wonderful.

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Children Wear Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses is Protect or Harm?

With the arrival of summer, Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses begin to board on ” stage .” With the increasingly intense sunlight ,so many parents are caring about their children’s sunscreen when getting out. Some parents have had their children put on the Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses, which is not only ‘sunscreen’ ,but also ‘cool’ ,” Some parents think that sunglasses are adult’s sunscreen appliances ,child just need sun hat . So in the hot sun , can the children on earth bring Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses?
It’s recommended that us wear sunglasses when  sunny.
The child is considered to be mostly wearing sunglasses to imitate adults ‘ play it cool  all along. But do the children need sunglasses to prevent sunlight in the sun? First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical Ophthalmology Zhou ShaoBo said, it is recommended for children and adolescents use sunglasses to protect against UV on the eye damage .

 “Summer ultraviolet is relatively strong, while time in the UV exposure is too long , even adults’eyes can easily be damaged , let alone a child’s.” Zhou Shaobo introduction, UV damage to the eyes is divided into acute and chronic injury damage. When the eyes are exposed to the sun long-term, ultraviolet damage to the eyes will gradually be accumulated , causing chronic damage. And the child’s cornea and lens is more transparent than adults, so which is more vulnerable to the harmful rays of the invasion and damage. If you don’t pay attention to protect the child,which may damage the cornea , lens , also cause burns to the macular area for future lay hidden suffering from cataracts and other eye diseases . Therefore, in strong sunlight exposure, the children take a long time for outdoor activities , it is best to wear sunglasses. Children suffering from eye disease should consult a professional medical for advice to decide whether to wear Cheap Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses.
Zhou Shaobo stressed that although children who wear sunglasses are very “cool” , but definitely it is not recommended that wear for long time . As the vision of young children is in the developmental stages , appropriate light entering the eye can stimulate the development of the eye nerve , so it is recommended that only wear sunglasses in sunny outdoor , moreover the best time is no more than four consecutive hours. Best not to wear sunglasses indoors .
 Inferior sunglasses are undesirable

Buy sunglasses for children ,you had better try not to choose ” three non-product ” in the street.Although these children’s sunglasses’ styles may be beautiful, but experts stress that choosing sunglasses should focus on its functionality rather than aesthetics.
Inferior sunglasses mostly are plastic lenses, which cann’t prevent the sun , may even cause damage to the eyes .

“Although most of the sunglasses are plain mirror , but sunglasses of poor quality are produced rough, there is often excessive diopter lenses of varying thickness , uneven color , and poor optical performance . Prolonged wear leads to blurred vision , headache, dizziness , vertigo , fatigue , etc., but also a serious impact on vision loss and other . ” Zhou Shaobo stressed that poor sunglasses has poor UV protection , too.lens whose color is too deep will make pupil dilation after wearing , when is easier to damage eye as it fail to block ultraviolet rays , the harm even greater than not when wearing sunglasses .

It’s proposed that we pay attention whether there are “UV “, “UV400″ and logo on the product label when purchase sunglasses. In addition , the color of sunglasses is not the darker the better . Lenses of different colors have different functions , generally gray, green, or brown is better , the best color is not deep and shallow .

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Who Invented the Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses?

A possible saying accreadits its creation to Chinese.before the story unfolds ,i need to bring you a slight sight in to the invention of sunglass.dear, do you know what Oakley sunglasses were called in ancient China?Let me tell you ;they were called Aidai.In a book written by Zhao Xihu in 1240, there is an account about Oakley sunglasses which are describled to resamble a coin in size and mica in color.older people with failing sight are not able to read,so they would put on Aidai.Then they could gather sight and characters appear bold.This is the earlist recod in china,almost halfa century earlier than in italy.So there is a saying that : Glasses are created by Chinese people( proud about it ) .
What about the earliest documented Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses in China? Based on what the current material appear, tinted glasses , namely sunglasses, is Chinese ancient creation , the record is this: Liu Qi of 12th century booked” Guiqianzhi ” of which records:sunglasses are made with smoky quartz , usually as long as Yamen’s officer wearing a large caliber , not to block the garish sun, but when listening to confessions , not let others see his reaction. Look at it, China ‘s ancient is wise enough , sunglasses have been being used to block the expression of the eye , and now the stars are wearing Oakley
sunglasses ,who have the same intentions .

Saying two of Oakley sunglasses’create , sunglasses are created by the Americans .

In 1752 , the Americans James Ayscoyugh safeguard his eyes from the glare affect by green and blue glasses , and these glasses look the same sunglasses as the first in the world , in 1929 ,the United States Edwin H. Lard created a new glasses, which avoid sunlight from shining people ‘s eyes . In 1937, these sunglasses became popular all over the world .
Saying three of sunglasses’create, sunglasses born in ancient Rome .

There are some ideas that the earliest sunglasses born in Rome, detailed time is 54 AD ,of when the ancient Roman emperor Nero ‘s emerald and ruby using concave correcting myopia and play while watching Jungle and play wear open opera to block the sunlight .

The story of civilization Oakley sunglasses , sunglasses and Italy.

Do you know which country is it that everyone must have a pair of Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses?The answer is Italy. Although sunglasses is passed by the United States in Italy , but so far , Italy carrying out innovative plays always Kingpins on sunglasses . Three glasses’ maker of luxury brands are in Italy ; streets , indoors, no matter where you can see everyone wearing sunglasses , and you will not feel fresh. Together also worthy of a luxury Italian capital, which produces luxury Oakley Flak Jacket Sunglasses sure to cover the globe.

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